Update (Dec 2022)
Teclis results are disabled on the site due to insane amount of bot traffic (99.9% traffic were bots). Teclis index remains available for Kagi search users.
What is Teclis?
Teclis is a search engine for finding interesting, unique results on 'clean' websites.

Teclis is not a Google replacement, and works best for research and discovery with broad(er) search phrases like the examples above. For a full Google replacement, that incorporates Teclis, check Kagi.
Type a query to search. Use the examples above for a few ideas.

To enable experimental semantic search mode (search in natural language) place the query in ( ), for example (I want to learn about search engines).

OpenSearch specification is supported for easier addition as a search engine in compatible browsers.
Fun Challenge
Find a query that has only one result in Teclis! Then read that page.
Finding genuine content on the web became incredibly hard, as if the ad-monetized search engines are tuned to steer the user towards the sites that feed into the same ad food chain. As a result, the same "top" sites dominate the search results, happily patting each other on the back. The rest of the web has more or less gone incognito.

Teclis is an attempt to surface the less known web, the web of creativity and self expression, the more humane web.
Technical Implementation
The crawler is hybrid, using async python requests and puppeteer with uBlock Origin. The way detection works is we count the number of uBO blocked requests on the page, and if too many (threshold is set to 5), we kick it out, leaving only "clean" pages in the index.

Crawler is also unique in a sense that it will follow an interesting dead link to its internet archive page, trying its best to preserve the page in our index (you will see those results under "Internet Archive" section).

Content and semantic metadata is extracted using trafilatura and readability.js, while page language is detected using fastText.

To produce search results, triple rankings with full-text search (via Elasticsearch / Typesense) and NLP-based semantic search (using sentence transformers to produce embeddings and SCANN to search through vector space) are combined to produce final ranking of results. Responses are served using FastAPI.

"Interesting Recently" section is provided by TinyGem, a content recommendation and bookmarking tool built using similar stack.

Teclis also uses results with permission from Marginalia Search (another noncommercial search engine).
Teclis was built by Vladimir Prelovac, founder of Kagi Search and Orion Browser.
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