What is Teclis?
Teclis is an independent search engine for high-quality, non-commercial content on the web. If you are tired of seeing listicles, "news", ads or SEO spam for topics you care about, Teclis may be for you.

Teclis will work only for certain types of searches, for example when you want to learn something new or find evergreen content on a topic. Our goal for those searches is to produce results that are objectively superior in quality compared to other search engines. Teclis is successful if you would consider it as a replacement for your main search engine for those searches (like you would use Amazon, Yelp or Reddit directly for certain types of searches).
What Teclis is not?
Teclis is by no means meant to be a full replacement for something like Google. Our index is tiny compared to Google and focused only on genuine, non-commercial content, mostly articles. Use the examples above to get a sense of what kind of searches work well with Teclis.
But most of my searches have commercial intent...
There is a difference between user having commercial intent and getting search results made with the main purpose of monetizing your visit (aka content produced with commercial intent).

For example, you want to buy a laptop and you are searching on Google for best laptop. Entire first page of Google can be summarized as results whose main purpose is to monetize your visit through affiliate links. If you look closer, every single result will have "Best Laptop 2021" in their title, have similar laptops featured, and every single laptop will be an affiliate link.

If you compare that with best laptop search on Teclis, the results should have (close to) zero ads or affiliate links and represent useful information that can actually inform your decision, written by people who simply shared their experience and opinion, with no other expectations.
Why Teclis?
We believe that the web can once again become the web of creativity and self-expression, as opposed to the web driven by monetization as the main motive for its existence. We estimate that there are no more than 1 million websites currently that fall within our parameters, which is sadly less than 0.1% of the web. Teclis is an experiment to see if people are genuinely interested in finding such content and whether this concept is worth exploring further.
How does Teclis work?
We start by seeding links from over 30 popular content aggregators ranging from Hacker News to curated weekly newsletters to ensure quality. If our crawler sees any sort of bad behavior on a page, for example too many ads (we are counting using uBlock Origin), it simply ignores the page. Our crawler will even follow pages to their version if needed to ensure good content is preserved in our index. We have so far indexed a small portion of the web, about ~1,000,000 pages. We then use a combination of machine learning and heuristics to produce our results. Entire hardware stack used to run Teclis costs about $200/month.
How can I contribute?
You can help grow the main index by suggesting links. Also you can geek out and chat at our discord server.
Teclis is a brainchild of Vladimir Prelovac.

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